Faculty of Physiotherapy

Vision, Mission and Objectives

vision and mission
Al-Rasheed International Private University for Science and Technology is the only university that has created the Department of Physical Therapy in line with the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education to open new specializations that supply the labor market with cadres and competencies with distinguished scientific expertise in the field of physical therapy. An advanced study plan has been prepared in accordance with the latest modern scientific methods in the physical treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular diseases, as well as for the treatment of diseases afflicted by athletes in sports stadiums and the treatment of amputees, where the Physiotherapy Department contributes to preparing cadres with the ability to train and treat. On this basis, the Department of Physiotherapy has undertaken to meet the needs of patients and society by developing curricula, providing qualified scientific competencies, and equipping specialized laboratories with the necessary equipment and tools to enable students to obtain the best information and training.


Preparing graduates with scientific and practical skills that qualify them to work in all government and private sectors. Preparing graduates who have the ability to solve the problems of people with special needs through research and communication with the tremendous scientific development in the field of physical therapy

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