Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean's Message

Science is developing at an accelerating pace, and pharmaceutical sciences have gained the largest share of this progress, particularly in light of the amazing developments that have taken place in biotechnology, which have led to the emergence of pharmaceutical forms that have adopted this technology and the qualitative leaps that have taken place in the field of pharmaceutical industries.The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Rasheed University out of its keenness to support Pharmaceutical professions produce graduates at the level of these developments. Since its establishment, it has developed its curricula through programs that provide pharmacy graduates with access to scientific developments and biotechnologies, as they are included in the academic curricula. The faculty has also given priority to the scientific department, and the faculty laboratories have been equipped with the latest advanced scientific equipment. The college graduates have proven their worth in the pharmaceutical specializations and aspire to further advancement by the efforts of distinguished professors who keep pace with scientific developments.



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