Faculty of Management

Dean's Message

If you want a year of prosperity... plant the seeds

If you want ten years of prosperity... plant trees

And if you want a hundred years of prosperity... grow a man

With these words, and this philosophy, I allow myself to welcome you within Al-Rasheed International Private University for Science and Technology, Faculty of Management Sciences ... conveying to you our happiness with your presence and your joining the students of Al-Rasheed University ... which constitutes an important link in the life of the student - after leaving high school and joining the labor market Later on - it works on qualifying the student, through a distinctive and attractive journey, with a lot of knowledge, skills and experience.

As well as developing all their personal and functional aspects by developing the concepts of creativity, innovation, self-reliance and guidance on ways of success and professionalism. And it changes the lives of the students who join it, not only in the field of information and knowledge related to the field of study, but even in the personal skills, which gain them more self-confidence, qualifying them to enter the labor market directly, and obtain distinguished executive positions.

Where the university, in the Faculty of Management Sciences, adopts the method of lectures based on technology to deliver information through the presence of display devices in the classrooms, allowing the information to be presented in an attention-grabbing manner on the one hand. On the other hand, attaching the information to practical exercises based on practical examples and cases taken from practical reality that expand the student’s perceptions and link between theoretical information and the prospects for its application, and motivate the innovative and creative side of the student by adding an atmosphere of discussion, meditation and unrestricted thinking, which contributes to a kind of vitality positive interaction during the lectures.

The specialization in the Faculty of Management Sciences are:

Accounting, banking and finance, business administration, management information systems, marketing

Finally, I repeat my pleasure in meeting you, because your meeting is the meeting of the future ... Your minds thirsting for knowledge are the pillars of a brighter future, and your young and vibrant will is the basis for any change for the better ... It is through you all the beautiful in our work blossoms ... And from your eyes we derive doses of hope in our lives... So, you are welcome.. Dear students in our university today, and partners in building the future in the near future.... The beacon of knowledge is always shining in our homeland, which needs your minds and your will... Thank you for your noble presence.

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