Faculty of Law

Dean's Message

I greet you with the best and kindest regards, and I welcome you to the Faculty of Law at Al-Rasheed International Private University for Science and Technology, which has had, a great impact in the fields of education and culture in the Syrian Arab Republic, and still carries the banners of science and light, and the attainment of perfection by going through the paths of excellence and exclusivity. The Faculty of Law, which has long been a beacon for the embodiment of human features and the dissemination of justice among the creatures, whose burdens are carried out by the spectrum of this faculty and its graduates, including lawyers, judges and officers, who have entrusted the superior human goals through what it has of future visions and ambitions on all the levels. It is the soul that does not die, the flame that does not fade, and the sword that does not sheath. Starting from its motto that the greatest work of humanity is to return justice to its owners, is there anything more beautiful than to return injustice to a human being? And advocate the oppressed against the oppressor? And return the stolen right to its owner. Wasn't the mission of the prophets to establish the rules of justice in this universe, and all of you know the words of the King of France, Louis XIV: "If I were not the king of France, I would like to be a lawyer." All of this makes the Faculty of Law the scale of justice, the sound of right, and the beacon of right that our promising generations are united in raising high across the globe, making the law the fortified fortress and the support for all the oppressed and vulnerable. The Faculty of Law is rich with a distinguished constellation of professors, administrators and employees. They are responsible and helpful. I appreciate their most valuable active endeavors and bright ideas and efforts to advance this faculty by following modern ways of science and education that make the younger generations the focus of their attention; who are the hope of the nation and the makers of tomorrow.

Dean Of the Faculty of Law
Dr. Mohannad Mohsen Al Naser Al Ali

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