The opening of the first international scientific conference for health sciences at Al-Baath University

The opening of the first international scientific conference for health sciences at Al-Baath University With the participation of 28 lecturers from outside Syria and from many countries (Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, England, Cuba, Finland, Britain, Colombia, UAE, China, India), the Faculty of Health Sciences was opened at Al-Baath University in cooperation with Al-Rasheed International Private University for Science and Technology and in partnership with The Health Professions Union and the Syrian Association for Physiotherapy The first international scientific conference for specializations in health sciences (physical therapy - nutrition - laboratory sciences). Dr. Abdel Basset Al-Khatib, President of Al-Baath University, affirmed that the university pays all care and attention and provides full support for these scientific seminars and conferences that help in consolidating ideas and linking science with reality by working on applying scientific research in all institutions of society and benefiting from the real scientific presence of specialized professors. Prof. Dr. Nasser _ Thallaj, President of Al-Rasheed International Private University, indicated that this conference is an important platform for researchers, professionals, and students to share their knowledge and experiences, and it is an opportunity to appreciate the hard and fruitful work of specialists in this field, indicating that Al-Rasheed University is the first private university to study the specializations of health sciences, and therefore it is happy to cooperate with Al-Baath University, where the efforts of the two parties joined forces to make this conference a success in order to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing students and graduates to a distinguished scientific and academic level. Dr. Hazem_Dahman, Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Al-Baath University, noted that what we are going through today is, in fact, a great achievement for the College of Health Sciences in the first international scientific conference held by the college with its three specializations, as it aims to educate the medical staff and the whole community about the importance of these specializations. Dr. Salah_Ghazi, General Coordinator of the Conference and Deputy Dean of the College of Health Sciences for Scientific Affairs at Al-Baath University, pointed out that the high turnout for attending the conference reflects the quest of students, graduates, and even experienced ones to learn and see everything new in science and develop their skills and ideas, pointing to the great scientific content that it carried. Conference The number of lectures in this conference, which extended over two consecutive days, reached 83 lectures for the three specializations, and three specific training workshops. Muhammad_Hadi_Mashhadiya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Society for Physical Therapy, indicated that the presence of specialized professional scientific societies is one of the basic infrastructure requirements for the production of knowledge and the localization and dissemination of science. Yusra Malin, the head of the Syndicate of Health Professions in Syria, indicated that the convening of this conference is an important opportunity to learn about all that is new in the field of health professions at the time, indicating that the Syndicate has given medical, health and scientific conferences all care and attention, and we hope to hold more of them in the coming period. The conference activities lasted for two days, including a number of scientific lectures by professors specialized in physical therapy, laboratory sciences, and nutrition, including: roles and responsibilities of physical therapy for orthopedic diseases, management and rehabilitation of bone spurs, long-term physical therapy for Covid-19, traditional and new methods, quality assurance in the clinical laboratory, early detection of antibodies Self-administration, hospital nutrition, laboratory diagnosis of cholera, childhood obesity control program, post-earthquake nutrition, preoperative nutrition, ketogenic diet. The conference was also accompanied by an exhibition_medical equipment used in physiotherapy (splints and orthotic devices).