Al-Rasheed Private University

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

University Vision
Establishing a leading quality educational system that contributes to the provision of qualitative and distinguished education according to the latest sciences and knowledge, increases opportunities for higher education, contributes to human development, blockings immigration outlets, links graduates to the needs of the labor market, and raises the sense of belonging to the homeland.

University Mission
Providing distinguished education and producing innovative researches that serve the community and contributes to building a knowledge economy by creating a stimulating environment for learning, intellectual creativity, optimal use of technology and effective local and global partnership. Deepening the university link to society and developing the enabling skills of students is the most important element in the national development process and those who are able to create job opportunities.

University Objectives

Preparing qualified and specialized human cadres in the fields of modern knowledge to build the twenty-first century person. Encouraging scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge and its use in the development and construction processes of the public and private sector institutions. Connecting higher education graduates with the requirements of the labor market by providing the public and private sectors with qualified human cadres. Providing services that contribute to building and developing the society. Sponsoring and promoting the scientific subject approach to ensure freedom of academic work. Expanding cooperation with international institutions and universities to benefit from international experiences and adapt them according to national data. Providing an academic environment that supports creativity, innovation and capacity building. Providing spatial and technical conditions for students in order to practice their scientific, artistic, literary and sports hobbies, to attract distinguished students, and to exert maximum efforts to motivate and encourage them to achieve scientific and cognitive achievement, proficiency and excellence in all fields, and excellence in specific fields.

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