Al-Rasheed Private University

The President’s mesage

The educational process began at Al-Rasheed Private University for Science and Technology at the beginning of the academic year 2012-2013, where it was licensed by Legislative Decree No. /263/ dated June 17, 2007, and the first beginning of this university was with the opening of three faculties: (Faculty of Engineering - Faculty of Pharmacy - Faculty of Management Sciences) The university has continued to expand and diversify its programs and faculties, as it includes today seven faculties with various programs that grant a university degree (Faculty of Pharmacy - Faculty of Dentistry - Faculty of Medical Sciences - Faculty of Engineering with its specializations - Faculty of Architecture - Faculty of Management Sciences - Faculty of Law)

The university has prospered and advanced significantly and has worked to develop and diversify its scientific services and equip the university with the latest laboratories and equipment necessary for the teaching process, proving that private universities are an effective and important part of the higher education system in the Syrian Arab Republic

The education policy at Al-Rasheed University aims at modernization and permanent development by adopting advanced and modern scientific curricula that keep up with world deep-rooted universities.

The university always strives to be distinguished and to move away as much as possible from the classical education, which adopts the method of indoctrination, and to get as close as possible to the interactive education, which trains students on thinking, creating, and participating in active scientific.

On the other hand, the university seeks to achieve a close connection with the society and the labor market by concluding many agreements with various scientific and production centers, according to the specialization of each faculty.

We wish success in achieving our goals and that our students and graduates will be among the best cadres that will contribute to the construction and development of our dear country.

The University President

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