Al-Rasheed Private University

About the university

Al-Rasheed International Private University for Science and Technology was established by Presidential Decree No. 263 of 17/6/2007 to be a leading institution of higher education and a mainstay for capacity enhancement. In order to achieve this goal, the university communicates with various sectors to contribute to its sustainable development, by training and qualifying graduates in the fields of specialization to contribute effectively to promoting the building of the knowledge economy. The university has taken upon itself to provide quality education appropriate to the requirements of society, and to provide an academic and social environment that supports excellence and creativity in the fields of research and community service. The student at this university will be the main source of achievement and distinction. Therefore, the university has put in your hands this guide to introduce the university’s mission, objectives, faculties and departments, and introduce you to the credit hour system, which the university is going on, and the requirements of the study plan and how to implement it to obtain the required university degree. It also provides you with extracts from the university’s regulations, instructions and services that organize your academic life in general. . The university was built on a land area of 257,000 square meters according to the highest local and international standards for its infrastructure, which includes many classrooms, scientific laboratories equipped with the latest educational aids, auditoriums, offices of faculty members, administrative bodies, public facilities and services, library and playgrounds. Wishing you success in your studies and our university progress and prosperity.

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